Two days of INTENSE !

It started with a message I received from one of my Facebook page likers:

Your fault Li it is all your fault.... thank you !
Your fault Li it is all your fault…. thank you !

She was right.  In my quest to find “myself” (my brand identity) I had gone through a few names.  It started with Lady Vee – Sensual Consultant.  Morphed into Lady Vee – Sensuality & Foreplay Specialist.  After conversations with some people, dropped foreplay….  Lady Vee – Sensuality & Seduction Specialist.  I want to reflect that I was in the realm of both sensuality and seduction.

Sensuality is the foundation that a woman must have in order to learn the art of seduction.

Using the power of community – I then posted the following update on my personal profile plus a couple of Facebook groups:

Which one would YOU choose ?
Which one would YOU choose ?

Between my personal profile and one particular post within the Queensland Business facebook group …

Last two comments shown - feel free to check out the entire thread when you have a moment :)
Last two comments shown – feel free to check out the entire thread when you have a moment 🙂

At one point during the process I thought I had “it” – Sensuality & Seduction Guidess.  I loved the play on the word Guide and Goddess. A bit cheeky IMO and totally me…. Yet as a good friend pointed out to me in a comment:

 I don’t think I like Guidess. I don’t think its one of those words than needs a gender spefication and I think its already obvious. I think it makes it look a bit frilly and not as serious if a program IMO

She was right after further reflection.  It’s like Actor and Actress.  Why not just Actor – one is male, one is female ?  Thus I see her point.  Plus the whole “bit frilly and not as serious” is a concern.

In the end, over the course of two days…  I finally had it !   I finally got my focus 🙂  I got my “name”  !!!  Even a name for my “process” … whatever it ends up being (hence The Lady Vee Effect).

Wednesday (primarily as I was busy most of Thursday) was the most intense day I have ever had in a while… and it really did take a village.   This just further cements (for me) my love of social media.   Each one of those people in that Queensland Business thread as well as on my personal FB page should stand proud .. as they made an impact on my life 🙂  and journey with this new business.

What is the lesson to learn ?  A few actually.

  1. Masterminding works – even if it is online.  Look to your support network !
  2. Be totally open to the process !
  3. Be forever the student.

It also taught me that I am on the right path because a side effect of doing all of this allowed me to really understand where I fit 🙂 and thus possible collaborative opportunities did come up through-out all of it.


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