We All Have Magick

Some people might believe in predestination (that everything has already been mapped out) … and whilst I believe some of the bigger events in our lives are indeed predestined … even some soul agreements between two souls that we each will be in each others lives for however long and reason…

There is a lot IMO where magick comes to play. (Also known to some people as manifesting.) (I personally am inclined to use the word magick to describe those moments in my life where “shit just falls into place” and I feel where the mix of my desire/intention and ‘receiving’ has brought something to reality.)

Monday 10 May was one of those magickal days.

First I have to go backwards before I can share more about today’s magick … backwards to a few days ago when I received my first complaint from a tantric revitalising erotic massage for men client ! 😞

The complaint wasn’t about the session (have never had a complaint there!). It was that we had finished earlier than was booked. This isn’t a failure on my part (I don’t believe in failure) – it was feedback. I owned where I went wrong in this: I forgot to explain to this new client at the start of the session how generally the session would flow. I forgot to explain that the shower at the end of the session – it’s just there to allow the client to wash the coconut oil off themselves and feel refreshed. I forgot to explain that I allow time at the end of every session after the shower for us to debrief.

The guy ended up leaving after the shower thus the reason the session seemed to end early.

AT THE SAME TIME… coming from a place of compassion 💕 I understood what might’ve been happening for him and why he made the complaint based upon what he spoke about with me at the start of the session.

(I also no longer allow a complaint to affect me like it used to do. Did I get angry ? Yes, I felt disrespected – how dare he, etc. The difference is now I have tools I use to allow the anger to move through me and assist me to return to my center.)

How does this relate to the magick of today ? I never made myself feel bad/wrong/shamed and used the mistake as a learning experience to benefit my sessions today.

And thanks to explaining how the session flows, I was able to have that debrief chat with both clients. This is just as important for me as it is for the clients. I’m always learning and I have an insatiable curiosity too with how the sessions benefit each person. ❤️❤️

It was also magickal as I also received a very self-loving action: I had a massage today. The painful ouchy kind – lol. 😝 I used my tantric breathwork to breathe thru the ouchy bits (where I had stored energy aka “knots” especially in my ass which doesn’t surprise me) .. thus they weren’t really that painful in the end. Afterwards I felt a bit spaced out, relaxed and blissful. It was exactly what I needed. It’s another way for me to give back to my body so as I can create magickal experiences for other people.


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