What 2 Giraffes Taught Me About Intuition

It’s April Fools Day (at the time of this blog post) however I actually didn’t really ‘tweak’ to this fact until well past the midday ‘deadline’ for pranks.

None the less, I’ve been having a really lovely “self” day.. or in other words due to the Gold Coast storm (that was the ‘tail end’ of Cyclone Debbie) I was left with not a lot to do so stayed home with myself (and Garry, my dog, and Marnie, my cat).
The day before I bought some colouring in books, coloured pens/markers and crayons from a local “dollar” store because after attending a retreat recently where we were encouraged to do more self-love practices … I realised colouring in was something I did in my childhood and had not brought into my adult life for whatever reasons.

The colouring in wasn’t something I was planning to do everyday – it was whenever I fancied.

Well, I was having a productive day today and was at a loose end whilst I was waiting for one of the videos to upload to my YouTube channel.  (For those unaware, I’m on broadband and if I’m uploading something to YouTube due to the connection being not-so-crash-hot it makes anything else I try to do at the same time really slow.)

Yeh, I could’ve gone on my phone to pointlessly scroll Facebook or Instagram or do something else pointless on it however I was itching to do something more creative.


I made myself comfortable then just picked whatever book and page that drew my fancy without much thought.

I was making the rules up as I went along .. one of them was to make no judgements on my choices.  Whatever I chose I went with it.  To not put shame on myself or make myself wrong.

I then put the coloured pens/markers and crayons in front of me  .. and closed my eyes and started picking markers at first .. and eventually some crayons (“to finish”).

I then made another rule of mixing up the order the coloured pens/markers were put back in so as to really make it a little bit more fun when I was choosing.

It was a very interesting exercise in mindfulness and mindlessness – where I both was very present and in the moment whilst having absolutely no thoughts about anything what-so-ever.  It was an interesting state of ‘being’ … one that has alluded me for the longest time.

On top of that it was also a lesson in faith and trust … faith the picture would turn out well … trusting that whatever I was drawn to do with the picture would turn out well … and using both faith and trust that my intuition knew what it was doing !

… and here is the end result:

Yes, I totally recommend doing this with others. It’s interesting what will come from it – are you judging yourself for staying within the lines ? for being a bit messy with it ? for being imperfect ? because I can tell you now .. when you really look at it .. it’s very imperfect whilst being totally perfect at the same time.

… and yes I’m proud of it.

Hence the reason I don’t plan to keep any of my little colouring in ‘artworks’ and offer them up to whomever is drawn to take it.

This is a lesson for me in impermanence and abundance.  Letting it go and really letting go of whatever happens to it (even if the person gets the picture to burn it or rip it to shred) is not for me to determine or control….   as that would mean (and this is my belief/story) I’m stopping the flow of life/love.

Now… I wait and see who claims it.

It’s free for anyone who can pick it up from me or $5 to cover postage in Australia or $10 to cover international postage.

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