What have YOU been taught about masturbation ?


(This was originally intended as a Facebook post however for some reason (and it doesn’t surprise me) Facebook didn’t allow me to post it – thus I’ve put it here as a blog post instead.) 
Wow. If there was ever proof of how sexually shamed we all are… watch Truth or Drink Season 1 (on YouTube) …
Before I go any further, I do understand how some people prefer their privacy and not having their sex lives and proclivities on YouTube….
I’m “three couples in” (they’re all hetro/male-female couples) of the five couples .. and it amazes me how much shame there is around sexuality ! (Especially from the women concerning their own sexuality.)
One of the questions that everyone kept avoiding when their partner asked and opt’ed to take a shot:
When was the last time you masterbated and where was I ?
Why is it so shameful to admit you masturbate ? EVEN IN THIS MODERN AGE ?! It’s a perfectly normal activity to do that adds to our health, healing and happiness .. especially once you really (for women especially) awaken all of your genital region and your body.
👦🏽 🚹 For men, in order for them to learn how to separate orgasm from ejaculation they kinda DO need to masturbate .. they need to learn where their “tipping point” is and feel into their body for that moment .. then stop… and save the ejaculating release for maybe once a fortnight or month. Yeh, believe it or not, men don’t need to ejaculate each and every time they orgasm.
(Just a side note in relation to “blue balls” –> whilst it can feel painful for some men, it’s not dangerous and the solution is to just wait it out. The blood will eventually drain, and any discomfort will disappear on its own.)
YOU CAN EVEN HAVE MULTIPLE ORGASMS and “last” longer than the “typical” 10 minutes that’s the average of most hetro-sexual encounters.
As I personally do not have extensive experience in this type of realm (helping men learn how to orgasm without ejaculation) – I happily refer all men to get in touch with Ej Love if they want to have TRUE SEX MASTERY.  (Get in touch with me if you would like a referral !)
If you’re a man wanting to just learn how to last longer, partaking in a tantric revitalising sensual massage will be of immense assistance. Yes, I provide this service (contact me for details) otherwise I can refer you to other practitioners.
👩🏻 🚺 For women, we have something magical called the clitoris. I personally hardly ever interact with it when masturbating these-days as I can ‘get myself off’ through various other touches of my body and pussy both internally and externally thanks to a lof of the work (and healing) I’ve done via Ej Love‘s programs (contact me if you want to know more).
I was just like the majority of other women in this world: I was disconnected from my body, starting to really numb out (seriously, I was a into mild S&M aka “pain as pleasure” because I was so numb!) and ONLY knew how to masturbate using my clit.
Oh boy was I missing out… and now I can happily attest that…

Lastly .. just for the record .. masturbation doesn’t have to be quick (“rub one out quickly”) or even end in an orgasm 😉 sometimes enjoying the pleasure of touch (and not always touching your genitals) is enough (esp. for women!) … do it sometime… it makes your day a hell of a lot better when you’re walking around turned on (not horny – turned on – there *is* a difference).



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