What is “a lead” ?

What Is A Lead?

To put it simply, a lead, is someone who indicated interest in what you have to offer and wants to know MORE.

This is different to a name and phone number from a list you’ve collected or bought.  They have to actually indicate that they want to know more about whatever it is you’re offering.  Also, please be very careful with leads – ensure that they DO want you contacting them.  Here in Australia we have a DO NOT CALL register.  I know about it because I put my phone number on it. I deal with enough “spam” via my inbox on a daily basis that I don’t also want to also have my (sometimes) busy day interrputed with a phone call I didn’t ask to receive.

Knowing HOW to generate good quality leads for your business is THE MILLION DALLA’ SKILL.

Sure you still need to know how to convert them (“sales”)…

… but without a steady stream of quality leads coming in through the door… no business can survive.


If you have not already listened in on THIS CALL … do so now.  Networking is a mindset and a skill.  Networking will enable you to generate these leads !

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