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Author: Vitaly Grinblat (Editor, Magnetic Sponsoring Newsletter )

Cover of "Chicken Soup for the Soul"
Cover of Chicken Soup for the Soul

I was listening to an old audio the other day by Mark Victor Hansen, you know the co-author of the “Chicken Soup For The Soul” series.

It’s from WAY back in 1994.

And he starts out by saying… “Here’s how to succeed in the 90’s“… that made me chuckle, but you know what?

Not a whole lot has changed.

Oh sure the technology has changed, the expectation of the marketplace has changed, the pace at which we absorb information has definitely changed, but it takes pretty much the same things today as you needed 20 years ago to succeed.

And here’s my favorite part of what he said in that audio…

“Pick your trouble and turn it into treasure.”


Pick a problem and offer a solution to it.

100 years ago and 100 years from now people will always have problems and will always CHEERFULLY pay for solutions.

That is the essense of successful marketing.

And the more pressing the problem, the more they are willing to pay for it.

Among many other things, this is a BIGGIE that for some reason is completely left out of our educational system.

Ask any high school kid or even a college student, what do they want to be and you’ll always get a response like a doctor, lawyer, engineer, or any other occupation.

Thing is you don’t make money by simply becoming any one of these.

You get paid for SOLVING PROBLEMS, no matter what field you go into.

Just imagine how different our world would be if more people adopted this attitude, instead of focusing on their own self-serving egos.

Do you think there are attorneys who are struggling, doctors, engineers, computer programmers, etc…?

Of course there are.

And in many cases a simple shift in attitude like this can propel their careers and incomes.

Imagine walking into a doctors office and seeing a big sign that says, “We are here for one reason only and that’s to help YOU”… and all the actions of the staff from receptionist to the nurse, to the doctor reflected this attitude are supportive of this belief.

You’d think people would be lining up to see THAT doctor?

You bet.

As a marketer, as an entrepreneur, your job is to find a problem worth solving and sell the solution.

And it’s especially crucial nowadays when customer service is becoming more of nightmare to deal with… when many businesses simply don’t care how they treat their customers… and the skepticism in the marketplace is at an all time high.

Here’s a little example.

When I was in the financial services field, most people looked at that as Life Insurance selling.

Of course that was one of the main products I had. And as you can imagine the last thing on most people’s minds is to buy life insurance.

I mean really, how many people wake up in the morning and decide that today’s a good day to buy some life insurance.

But what people do wake up with is the desire to provide the best for their family and take care of and protect their kids and loved ones.

That is what people buy. Taking care of their family and not some insurance policy.

People don’t buy products, they buy solutions.

And your job to turn your product, service, or opportunity into a SOLUTION people want.

With all the doom and gloom about the economy, and I certainly understand we’re in a big economical mess right now…

… there’s still PLENTY of opportunity around.

People have problems and they need solutions.

Regardless of what company you’re with and what your product line is, if you want to create an explosion in your business… you need to figure out what are the most pressing problems your business solves and the best way to present these solutions.

This is the foundation upon which you build your business with… everything else, all the techniques, strategies and methods are simply the tools you need to take your solution to the market.

#Inspiration #Quote “Pick your trouble and turn it into your treasure.” – Mark Victor Hansen

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