What would a priestess do after her gut decided to smack her around ?

Facebook status Saturday 8 April 2017

This one decided to find a beautiful soul to help provide a much needed tantric sensual body and yoni (pussy) massage.

After my gut decided to “chuck a tantrum” at me about trying to re-introduce sugar (in the form of TimTams, jelly beans, etc) into my diet as well as being mindful that I can’t have a lot of creamy goodness anymore (yay I’ve got a minor lactose intolerant now) … I posted all the sweets I had left over within various Facebook groups to find someone to give them away too.

Whilst I may have kicked my little sugar addiction (or more like drastically reduced it), not everyone is the same and I hold no judgement towards them as .. I WAS JUST LIKE THEM.

Now my gut was happier with me .. the next step was to re-connect to myself .. my body .. to give it ALL some love again .. and thanks to a special (male) friend … I got exactly that yesterday. 💕💋🌸

Thanks to the experience I was re-introduced to a lot of different touch sensations in different parts of my body (my whole body by the way) .. so there’s that 😄 … and then when it came to the yoni/pussy massage … whilst I do pretty damn good on my own 😜 there’s just something BETTER when someone else does this for you .. and even better .. when I ALLOW MYSELF TO RECEIVE it. 🙏🏽

It makes me wonder how the world would be if more women were able to experience this bliss ? To be able to really enjoy and love their bodies without guilt or shame ? To allow someone to give them this pleasure and even better to allow themselves to receive it ? How healing would it be ?

WOMEN: When was the last time you allowed yourself to receive pleasure or even had a mind-blowing orgasm (that didn’t involve your clit) ? ( Feel free to PM if you want to continue the conversation privately. Otherwise I’m just asking in a hypothetical sense. )

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