What’s happening ?


Some people may call me crazy for taking a step back during what might be considered the peak season for sending cards and gifts (the upcoming Festive Season)… however it is ALSO the peak season for my main business (my pet sitting) one.

Here’s the thing tho’ … I’ve kinda been neglecting that pet sitting business and it started to show neglect.  I need to re-focus my energies on one thing right now and that one thing is.. you guessed right.. my pet sitting business.

I’m actually starting to feel I’m getting somewhere with it !

I also received my first payment from SOC via a Paypal eCheque the other day. It wasn’t a huge payment yet it was a payment none the less so it counts in my opinion.

Whilst I love SOC and everything it can do for people … I need to make sure I’m focusing on generating revenue for my pet sitting business.  It’s been a bit down lately yet this always seems to happen this time of year (either October or November being my ‘bad’ month in my mind every year)….   I’m also in the process of training a new person on my pet sitting business team…  a VA in Thailand who is an ex-pat British lady.   Once I feel she’s on her feet…  and because I will start to be generating some leads for my pet sitting business…   there is a natural over-flow to SOC.

It will all come together in its own time – that’s the beauty of this business ESPECIALLY Send Out Cards above all the other businesses.  It’s so affordable that I can just keep paying the subscription fee … and just return when I feel I’m able to do so.

One of these days SOC will generate some decent money for me.  By the way, my plans for SOC is to just generate some ‘passive’ cash flow that covers all my basics so I don’t have to worry… and “all my basics” is aiming for $500 per week.

That will happen when it happens. Plenty of time 🙂 Life is short yet it is also long.


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