What’s the cost ?

I’m really enjoying the Xocai Activ drink.  It’s a great substitute for Milo I’m finding…   and may even (during Winter) be a great hot chocolate ?  Regardless, I’m really enjoying it.   I also had my first minor “binge” (that I tend to do with chocolate anyway)… included a couple of peanut butter cups and squares …. and whipped cream (light).

…. and unlike other times I have these chocolate “binges” (this one was minor compared to some that I have)… I could feel good about it.  Really felt like my system was being cleansed.  I swear too that my skin is feeling “better” too…  more clear.

This post isn’t about all the above…  I was thinking “what is the cost?” per square retail ?

What is the retail cost of one square, five squares, 20 squares ?  I know how much a box costs however I totally understand a whole box could be “too much” for some people … as I must admit that I’m overwhelmed a little by how much chocolate is within a box.

For the ones that I personally can see myself consuming regularly –  the squares… XoBiotic & Omega(both have 84 per box and same retail price)….

$150 for 84 pieces…  $1.80 per square (individual – retail)

…. 5 pieces would then be $9

… 20 pieces would then be $36

At the time of this post…. $1.80 is approx (rounded up) $1.70 in my native currency (AUD)

… 5 pieces would then be $8.50

… 20 pieces would then be $34

In other words, $2 per square (rounded up).




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