Why ACN is NOT the business for me

I’m going to start a series of blog posts detailing my history of ping-pong-ing around the Network Marketing industry in an effort to find out where I fit. What I personally feel were the good and bad of every opportunity.  Why it didn’t work for me.

It MIGHT be the business opportunity for you however you seriously won’t know until you try it or at least get to know someone whom is involved with the company.

ACN aka American Communications Network Inc

There is plenty already written on the internet about what “is” ACN.  In simple terms, you sell telecommunication and electricity.

From my own research I’ve found out they’re just a re-seller of Optus (mobile, internet, etc) and Telstra (landlane) telecommunications.  As for electricity – I’ll admit I do not know whom they’re a re-seller of in terms of electricity because at the time I was approached it was still on their “coming soon” list.

The following is my personal opinion only.

Whilst I agree that I pretty much cannot operate daily without my mobile phone (iPhone4S), iPad2, and internet (and yes the electricity that powers all of them)….  here is why ACN didn’t and will never work for me personally.

1) Brand loyalty

I have all sorts of nice names for Vodafone whom are my primary telecommunications provider yet here’s the kicker – even with all my complaints against them I re-signed up for another 24 months (contract).  I have also been with them for now over 4 years straight (I started out pre-paid).

For me it was “easy” to stick with whom I was already with than to go thru all the difficulty of a new provider.  For me, personally, they seemed to offer the best deal as I was in the market for a tablet and a new phone.

Trying to “sell” someone whom is either already with Optus or Telstra to go with you as a customer WITHOUT becoming a distributor… good luck !  What I mean by “without becoming a distributor” is the hook they try to sell by saying you can make money back on your bills and nearly have them pay for themselves if someone becomes a distributor.

2) Having an Australian based call center isn’t a hot button for me (and a lot of other people)

There is a simple reason why I couldn’t care less if it is an Aussie call center or Indian – My use of call centers or ‘support’ in any capacity is very very low. I would also hope I don’t have a need to call them that often. Generally speaking, I use the Vodafone app to check my balance and pay my bill.

3) ACN = another job

Think about it. Seriously think about it. If you want to really excel at ACN you have to know all the products and services that are on offer. All the specials and so forth.  Just like I would except from someone whom is a Vodafone or any other telecommunications provider.   Pushing me to ‘check out the website’ or to phone the call centre to discuss my options is a cop out IMO.

Whilst I understand this makes it easier for “anyone” to join and duplicate…. from a customer service POV it sucks to be honest.

When you sign up with ACN do not under-estimate that you are now a salesperson. You are a re-seller.

4) The ACN market is ultimately finite

You can’t sell ACN to me because I’m on a 24 month contract with Vodafone. I’m out. I’m not about to spend EXTRA money I do not have to try to buy out of a contract so I can join. Thus anyone whom is in a similar situation as myself (locked into a contract) is not viable until their contract expires.

I have no need for a landline. Not many people do these-days.  The only time there was a need for a landline was due to having to get broadband internet.  I’ve got ‘stick’ internet (Telsta) thus I’ve no need for a landline.

You can’t sell ACN to someone whom is in an area where their only option is Telstra. They’re already with Telstra. ACN is a Telstra re-seller for their landline product/service. What’s the point again in changing ?

You can’t sell ACN to people whom are not in charge of the bill.  This applies to me for electricity. I rent a room. I pay someone else as part of my rent the electricity.  Thus anyone whom is NOT “in charge” of the electricity is not a viable ‘lead’ in any form.

There are only so many households in Australia….. and the other re-sellers plus telecommunication companies are all vying for the same marketplace as you. Talk about competitive.


Before I close off this blog post I will finish on a positive note:

The “killer” (in a positive sense) of ACN is the fact that people pay these bills and “need” these “things” (telecommunications – mobile phones, tablets, internet, electricity) so the potential to make a nice little bit of change on the side for the pure fact people are paying their bills is great.

Yet there are too may “cons” to out-way the “positives” for me personally.


In the end, I just couldn’t get fired up or excited about selling phones, internet or electricity.  It’s not “natural” for me to sell such products/services.  Yes, all I have to do is point people to a website or direct them to the call center …. yet I still can’t get away from the fact IT IS ANOTHER JOB !

They don’t inform you that [ telecommunication and electricity  ] require constant marketing efforts because of competition by those that actually own or produce the product.

This opportunity is best for those whom can get fired up and passionate about telecommunications. People whom find “selling” easy and natural.

Those whom are NOT skilled salespeople best find another opportunity. You will scare more people off (and they’ll then tell others to stay away from ACN in turn) if you do not know how to sell.  You ARE a salesperson here.


If you are with ACN, I wish you the best of luck in your endeavour 🙂

If you want a referral system that will help you build your ACN business – use the form on the top right & contact me !

You just spent nearly $500 on your ACN business – another $10 won’t break your bank 🙂 and potentially help you recoup your investment.  Keep your customers loyal because due to the constant marketing of the other telecommunication providers (more than electricity providers) – your customers may go elsewhere….. and when they do bye bye to your “residual” income.


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