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Why do we….

  • 0:29 – Why do make female masturbation a secret hush hush embarrassing thing ?
  • Why do men pressure women to have un-safe sex all the time ? Why are women not more assertive with the use of condoms ?
  • Why do people think that just because they had a “test” that they have the all clear to have unprotected/unsafe sex ?

(STD/STI Tests are NOT full proof – they can and do miss some common diseases if you personally do not know how to properly ask for a full STD/STI test. The only people I’ve met in my life that know how to properly test for these are sex workers !! Not to mention, the “papers” can be faked.)


In relation to sensuality:

  • Why do we allow other peoples’ opinions of ourselves influence us so much ?
  • Why do we consider having plastic/cosmetic surgery on ANY part of our body acceptable when there is nothing wrong with our bodies ?
  • Why do we think that a woman who moves in a sensual manner is a whore ?
  • Why do we have to assume that sensuality and foreplay always has to result in sex ?
  • Why do we put so much pressure on men to be good in bed when
  • Why do we consider seduction to be all about the man instead of celebrating woman-hood ?
  • Why do we have to give up our feminine ‘power’ as women to have success in business ?
  • Why do we have to be so critical of our bodies ?
  • Why do we put our own pleasure as a last priority ?


Any other “why do we…” you think I missed ?

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