Why everyone needs to run away from Herbalife !

I’m going to start a series of blog posts detailing my history of ping-pong-ing around the Network Marketing industry in an effort to find out where I fit. What I personally feel were the good and bad of every opportunity.  Why it didn’t work for me.

It MIGHT be the business opportunity for you however you seriously won’t know until you try it or at least get to know someone whom is involved with the company.

The following is my personal opinion.


Why I personally didn’t feel it was the right fit for me … and subsequently why I warn anyone to NOT get involved (even Amway is better than Herbalife!!)

One of the huge main reasons is that I actually started to have reactions to some of the products.  Since you’re meant to be a product of the product.  It is pretty hard if you’re having some bad reactions to some of the products 🙁

Secondly, it is very much like Amway. You’ve missed the bus on this one people. It’s over-flowing with people !!  It seems “everyone” is a Herbalife distributor.

The last reason is the one I will use to make sure anyone whom wants to get involved with this Network Marketing company is aware:  You will buy lots of the products up-front in bulk to try to “qualify” for a higher commission.   You will have to find somewhere to store this product.  All of it.

Then when you realise you’ve got all this inventory you’ve bought and continue to buy so you can stay qualified for the higher commission….  and you cannot move it …. so you drop it/cease your relationship with Herbalife…

They make you jump through so many damn loops to get your money back on these purchases you will be stuck using it and giving it away for the next few years. Oh… forgot to mention, even if you do manage to jump through all these hoops you won’t get all your money back.

I’m not kidding.

It took me 3 years to get rid of all the product through giving it away or using it myself.

As for the “outer nutrition” side of the business, as you can see already they’re up against Amway and every other skin care company on the market which is a very saturated highly competitive market.

What was the good that came out of Herbalife for me ?




Oh!  I got a very expensive lesson on what to watch out for in a Network Marketing company.  Make sure that you can still easily get the money back on products you’ve purchased even if you ceased being a distributor.


Most of Herbalife’s customers ARE their distributors. Run, don’t walk away from Herbalife.

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