Periscope: Shy to Super-Peri Confidence Club

Customers today can spot a phony from a mile away, and your business success will require that you start to foster real, authentic connections that mirror human relationships.

ENTER LIVE VIDEO.  Enter Periscope.

Today’s potential customers are used to connecting with businesses directly, in real time; and they’re savvy enough to see right through overly polished online personalities.

There’s something pure and honest about live streaming — the raw, unvarnished, direct connection possible only through a live transmission — and smart business people are learning to capitalize on this factor.

Enter “Shy to Super-Peri Confidence” Online Community for “wanna be” (and newish) Periscope broadcasters looking to use Periscope in a purposeful manner to share their message, create a community and make a (profitable) difference!

If this sounds like it is a match for you, scroll to the end of the page…

This #Shy2SuperPeri Club is for you if: 

… you want more fun in your business
… you want to attract lots of new people into your tribe
… you want to express yourself more freely so you can attract people who really love who you are and what you offer
… you want video to be easier, less hassle, spontaneous, interactive
… you want to dive into the latest new video trend that is taking the internet by storm

What you’ll get for partcipating in the #Shy2SuperPeri Club: 

… Weekly PRIVATE & EXCLUSIVE Periscope trainings you can catch live or watch later
… Private Facebook Group group for support and accountability.
… Interactive Coaching and Q&A in the Facebook group.
… 30 min strategy sessions to map out your next 7 broadcasts (and how to test/measure!
… And when you register today, you’ll get the following extra bonuses:

  • A customised Periscope Broadcast template you can use for YouTube
  • The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Periscope
  • Pre-Scope Checklist
  • How To Get More Hearts, Comments and Followers



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See you soon!

xox Vanessa  ( @PetLoveBiz )