The Weekly MshMash LIVE on BLAB + How to use

MishiesBlabI’m inviting you to a series of BLAB interviews with me.

Who: Me … and YOU … and … ?
What: “Pet News & Opinions from Around The World”
When: Wednesday 2nd March at 4pm PST USA  (10am QLD AUSTRALIA)
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What is Blab?

In case you are not familiar with Blab, it’s a live video streaming platform that connects through your Twitter account. You can use it to host a talk-type event on your own or you can invite up to three other “blabbers” to join you live.

You can reach BLAB via desktop by going to or download the iOS app by searching for ‘Blab’ in the apple app store (or click here). The app for Android will hopefully be available soon, but for now Android users can simply access the BLAB website via the chrome browser on their phone.  For desktop users it is recommended that you also access Blab via the chrome browser.

Twitter is currently the only way to login and use Blab.

The Rules of BLAB
Blab doesn’t really have rules, but the BLAB team has created some ‘agreements’ titled #theblabway that they would  like the community to go by, here they are:

The Rules of Blab aka #TheBlabWay


Click here for The Ultimate Guide to BLAB.IM  ….

Nervous ? Excited ? Want to “get your feet wet” ?

Well you’re in luck because I always host an UNRECORDED part of the show prior to being RECORDED.   This is the portion of the show where you can safely “get your feet wet” on BLAB (or live video streaming/broadcasting overall) as I will happily give you tips, tricks and some “Blab Basics” training.

Best of all is that since it is not recorded, you can make as many mistakes as you like as only the recorded portion is able to be viewed after the show finishes!

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