Why MXI Xocai didn’t work for me

Some people may also search for this under “Is MXI Xocai A Scam?” …. it isn’t a scam. It’s a legit business. 

This is a Network Marketing company to watch!  If you love chocolate and really want a good business where you can share HEALTHY chocolate then it will be the type of business opportunity for you.

There is NOTHING wrong with the product. I adore the product and am still quite addicted to it (hahaha) so they’ve got a life-long customer in myself just not a distributor.

Why did the MXI Healthy Chocolate Xocai business opportunity not work for me can be summed up in one word: AUTOSHIP

I thought I could maintain the autoship cost. I also thought I would easily sell enough of the chocolate to cover the cost of my monthly autoship (if I loved it, everyone else would love it too – not many people don’t love chocolate!).  Unfortunately, that is a NO in both accounts.

The autoship cost is around the $100 per month mark 🙁  I couldn’t maintain this cost, unfortunately (no matter how much I loved their products).  I had to put a stop on one autoship, and then the next and now I do not know when I will be able to resume the autoship.  This is the same exact problem I had with a previous network marketing company – the on-going “qualifier” cost was beyond my meager budget.

The second reason I had to stop was because I found that I was pretty much limited to my local market 🙁  when I have contacts all over Queensland plus Australia and the world due to my online presence (and social media addiction).  It was fun sharing the chocolate (and naturally it was always well received) locally …  yet that is rather limiting.  If anyone ‘anywhere else’ wanted a sample I had to send it via postal mail MYSELF … ergh!  Put that in the “too hard” + “extra expense I’m not able to bear” basket.

The third final reason is to do with the fact that you cannot order smaller amounts “retail” 🙁  You either buy the packs which have a lot of chocolates in them or you buy them personally from me for around $2 a chocolate.   People don’t view them like a Ferrero Rocher so it’s hard to justify the retail cost for one or even 10 of them.   If people were able to easily buy smaller quantities of these chocolates more easily, it would sell easier IMO.   I noticed a lot of my friends’ buying habits with chocolates wasn’t planned. It was always “at a whim” as such – impulse buy.

Enough negativity – what I did love about this business opportunity is that your autoship (thus personal/business use of the product) is counted ! YAY!  Thus if you want to be generous & give away lots of samples go for it … plus I did find it was overall well received as I left chocolate behind at most of my clients’ homes as well as with other people locally.

Some people could do really well with this product because HEALTHY chocolate is not a well known product.  People still very much associate chocolate with something “sweet” that is “candy” whereas this chocolate is MORE than that !  Thus yes there is going to be some (or a lot) of education needed to get people to realise this is like a multivitamin in a piece of chocolate.

Plus as there are not that many distributors within Australia at the moment …  lots of room to “start” early on.

This is one of the reasons why I was drawn to it as a business….   instead of feeling like I had missed the bus because “everyone” seemed to have been involved or is already involved in “the business” … it wasn’t the way with this one 🙂

Have a read of all the articles below and if you are interested get in touch so I can put you in touch with the wonderful lady whom is on her way to being a Healthy Chocolate Millionaire 🙂



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4 thoughts on “Why MXI Xocai didn’t work for me”

  1. Vanessa, I hope you are doing well with SOC. It seems like it would work with many businesses. Me, I am hooked on Xocai chocolate simply because it works for me and my family. Can’t give up something that makes such a difference for us. If I can ever help you with anything, let me know. God luck with your current endeavors. I believe they have expanded to order smaller sizes in Australia as well. More info. at http://coldpressedchocolate.com

  2. I loved the fact that you enjoy the Xocai products. A newtwork marketing business is not for everyone, but the health benefits of high antioxidants are something we all desperately need. That is why MXI, the makers of the Xocai Healthy Chocolate products started a Preferred Customer program. This program allows you to order as a customer without having to worry about a business or a membership fee. Preferred Customers receive 20% off their entire order and free shipping as well. Even better, you don’t have to enter a printable coupon or discount code to get the deal. As long as you stay on their monthly rewards program, you will also receive a free product every 3rd auto renewal. Now that is a deal, that and now you can even order 1/2 a box if you want to try it out! Go to http://ColdPressedChocolate.com to get the deal.

    1. Lynette

      You nailed the problem on the head in your comment “as long as you stay on their monthly rewards program” … it was too much of a commitment for someone who has an unpredictable income. Not to mention, here in Australia, they do not have “small” packs to buy in case you cannot order the minimum – or even if you only want 20 pieces of one of the chocolates. It was the same problem that I had with Herbalife – too much product that wasn’t moving quickly enough. Not everyone loves Xocai chocolate. You have to find the people who like dark chocolate first.

      You can’t order half a box here in Australia – you may have missed the fact that I’m Australian. I may re-join later down the track but for now it didn’t work for me.

      SendOutCards is the “biz op” for me at this stage in my life. It can be used by business or personal or both. I use it for business. It doesn’t matter about your looks, age, as long as you have an internet connection (which has become easier and easier). It’s recycled paper so not using more trees. The company has a great ethos/mission: celebrating life. promoting gratitude. There is no commitment. You can do PAYG or subscribe monthly. If you subscribe monthly, you can un-sub and re-sub later. All “points” last for 12 months. Plus the price points for subscription means it’s easy for me or anyone to afford. Not to mention there is no competition here in Australia (unlike USA).

      Oh.. and the lady who introduced me to Xocai is familiar with SOC and endorses SOC too because she uses it for HER network marketing business 🙂

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