Xocai Activ

Had my first “shot” of Xocai Activ this morning…   and yes it is a “shot” as it says 30ml (or 2 teaspoons) to be taken 3 times a day on the bottle.

Woha!  It’s thick and rich… yum!  It’s a GREAT way to start the day…  and after consuming all that chocolate yesterday I experienced one of the (touted) benefits – better sleep.

As I’m currently not sleeping in my own bed (I do overnight pet sitting as part of my first business), this wasn’t because of anything to do with the bed I was sleeping within… if anything the bed I’m sleeping in has NOT been the best or most comfortable for me.  I awoke earlier than I usually do feeling “fine” (in other words well rested).

I remember back in my Freelife Goji (network marketing) days, this was one of the huge benefits I experienced with their product I adored.  If this product is the same, I won’t be needing to purchase sleeping tablets ever again to help me good sleep.  Goji and Acai are similar in that they’re both superfoods with huge antioxidant properties.

As for my last post about how I personally won’t be endorsing their Weight Loss powder. That’s the freedom of Xocai. They have more than enough other products…  I’m thinking I may stick with the squares, nuggets and this drink.

I’ll use the squares as more my everyday chocolate.  The nuggets as my treat (along with the peanut butter cups).  I’ll also see what the cost of me using the drink (Activ) is everyday too…

As for what I’m going to put on my autoship … I’m thinking the squares since they’ll be easy to share compared to “shots” of the Activ ?

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