Xoçai Brand Acquires Healthy ChocolateTrademark

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US Patent and Trademark Office recognizes MXI Corp Xoçai brand as world leader in antioxidant-rich healthy chocolate products

Reno, NV – May 21, 2012 – Celebrating its 7-year anniversary, MXI Corp, which owns the ultra-successful Xoçai (sho-sigh) brand, is pleased to announce the acquisition of its Healthy Chocolate trademark. The trademark was awarded by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office on February 28, 2012.

The securing of the Healthy Chocolate trademark is significant, as the healthy chocolate industry has grown exponentially over the last seven years. As the category creator of healthy, dark chocolate, Xoçai has continued to firmly establish itself as the healthy chocolate leader due to its proprietary cold-processed, antioxidant-rich chocolate products. The recognition by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office cements the forefront position of the company.

This is a huge milestone for us, maybe just as important as the day we opened our doors, says Andrew Brooks, Founder and COO of MXI Corp. We have always been seen as the healthy chocolate company, says Brooks. But now we are officially recognized as the healthy chocolate icon both inside and outside our industry.

Company leaders point out that before Xoçai introduced its groundbreaking chocolate to the marketplace, the public did not understand that chocolate possessed significant health benefits. Since the creation of its never-before-seen products that retain all the nutritional potency of cacao and açaí, Xoçai has been the trailblazer in helping the public recognize that chocolate does indeed possess an impressive benefit profile. Its products offer unique benefits in the areas of weight loss, energy, anti-aging and other health concerns for which consumers are seeking solutions.

Brooks says the newly acquired trademark bodes well for the companys future. The Healthy Chocolate trademark enhances our longevity, Brooks states, and creates an even brighter future as our distributors and customers know we are officially recognized throughout the wellness, nutrition and direct sales industries as the leader in healthy chocolate.

Brooks also explains that the new trademark language allows Xoçai to more effectively utilize the marketing tagline We Are Healthy Chocolate, which is the company 2012 mantra.

Download Press Release and United States Patent and Trademark Office Certificate athttp://www.mxicorp.com/wearehealthychocolate.php

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