Zzzzz Sleep Zzzzz

One of the benefits that was touted to me as part of consuming this particular chocolate was improved sleep or rest.

Now I’ve been consuming it daily (and sometimes up three or four different pieces – remember back when I said I was a chocoholic ? I was NOT lying !! hahahaha)….  I’ve noticed a few changes and one of them IS improved rest.

Another is that when the 3 oclock slump usually hits me… I have a Xocai X Power Square and it’s better than a cup of coffee or even anything else…  the energy boost also seems to last a lot longer than if I did have a cup of coffee or anything else.  The best thing about these X Power Squares is that they’re so compact and easily portable…  the only downside is that they’re chocolate so I ensure I keep them with one of the ice/gel packs that was packed with my original order.

What I really like about this chocolate is that I know I can share it with so many people because diabetics, those with gluten intolerance, vegans, and pretty much anyone can “eat” this chocolate compared to any other chocolate available in the marketplace.

Yes there are other stores here in Australia that sell similar (but not the same) online however here’s the crux — none of them will give you a sample no pressure.  This was the only chocolate where I was able to ring up someone local — and I got a sample! 🙂

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